Q: Do you have insurance?
A: Yes. Screen Doctor carries General Liability insurance and Workmen's Compensation insurance. Copies of insurance information are available upon request.

Q: Why has my screen changed from black to silver?
A: Screens come in two basic colors, charcoal and gray. 99% of screen material installed is charcoal, often called black. Charcoal screen turns silver or white because the vinyl coating is gone. This is an indication of aging and oxidation from the sun.

Q: What is the average life of a screen?
A: Depending on sun exposure, 5-8 years is the average life of screening in South Florida. However in some cases, screen can last 10 years or longer.

Q: How do you fix my panel?
A: We rescreen a panel by removing the old screen and putting in new screen and spline. We DO NOT weave new screen to old screen.

Q: Is there a different screen material i can use?
A: There are several screen materials made, each for a different purpose: Pet screen, SunScreen, Florida Glass. There are also different mesh sizes, some of which are shown on this website.

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